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Garnet Valley HS Library Media Center: Creating A Good Research Question

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What is a research question and why do I need one?

We use research throughout our lives in many different ways. Research is not just about assignments for classes you are taking, but also about finding the right information to fit our interests and needs. And the way to make sure you find the right information all hinges on asking the right question. Taking the time to develop a good central question can help keep your research on track and focused.

All well and good, you may say, but right now you are dealing with an assignment from a teacher in a subject you consider a snooze fest. Consider thinking divergently about the assignment. Brainstorm different ways you might explore a subject that have the greatest appeal to you. Maybe you are interested in films. Can you do your history paper on how the film industry affected a certain time period? Maybe you are a gamer. Can you write a paper about the birth of video gaming? Maybe you are an artist. Can you do your psychology paper on art therapy for children? Maybe you are a basketball player. Can you do your English paper on a work of sports fiction or the explosion of memoirs by sports stars?

Spending time creating deeper, more interesting, and thoughtful questions will ultimately mean a better end product – and you will certainly enjoy the research process far more than you would by tackling a generic topic or something someone else generates for you. 

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