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GVMS Library: NoodleTools

Welcome to Garnet Valley Middle School Library!

Logging into NoodleTools

You can login to your NoodleTools account using your school Gmail address. While you can use any browser, Chrome will make login far easier for you.

1)   Login to your school Google account. If you do not know how to do this, ask your teacher or contact tech support.

2)   With your school Gmail app open, click on the Google apps waffle (icon left of your avatar at the top right-hand side of your browser). NoodleTools should show up as an app for you. If it doesn’t, you can use go to and click on the login button at the top of the page.

3)   To sign in, use the Access via Google for Education box and login with your school Gmail address.

4)   If you have not logged into NoodleTools previously with your school Gmail account, you will be asked to create a profile. Follow the prompts to set your NoodleTools account for Garnet Valley Middle School using Advanced MLA citation style.




Why use NoodleTools?



Noodletools is a program that will help you cite your sources, take notes and organize your research.

 Why should you use NoodleTools?


Using NoodleTools to create your bibliography is smarter than using Easy Bib for many reasons

  • If you make a mistake in EasyBib, you have to start over. In NoodleTools, you can edit your citations at any time without re-entering all of the information.

  • NoodleTools offers more citation templates, including ones for Tweets, blogs, online video clips, and podcasts. It is also more accurate than EasyBib

  • NoodleTools also offers tutorials for each format with visual examples of what resources fall under each category - including quality evaluation tips and where to find the information needed for the citation.

  • EasyBib requires you to build your bibliography in another document. NoodleTools stores all of your citations for you.

  • NoodleTools also serves as a bookmarking tool for websites - one click can take you back to the source article

  • The citations in NoodleTools tie into the notecard feature which makes it was to keep track of where you got your information from.

  • NoodleTools alphabetizes, formats and removes hyperlinks from citations

  • You can open a word document that has your citations perfectly formatted, alphabetized, hyperlinks removed and ready to print.

  • You can also run an analysis to check how many items you have in each format.

  • You can also print annotated bibliographies.

Key features of NoodleTools

Why should I use NoodleTools?

NoodleTools is far more than a digital tool for creating citations; It’s a digital dashboard for any research project that helps you work through the process of research, keep everything organized, and enables you to create a solid product at the end.

It all begins with a question

Inquiry is the act of asking questions in order to gain information. It is at the core of all research projects. We do research to find things out. Every research project starts with a question. Your defining research question is at the very top of your NoodleTools project dashboard.  As you are creating your project, refer back to your essential question as a way to keep things on track and prevent yourself from going too far down paths that are not helping you answer that question.

Other features

In addition to your Research Question, your dashboard includes:

  • Thesis/Main Claim
  • History of your project
  • Link to your paper or presentation in Google Docs
  • Links associated with the project
  • Sharing with your teacher
  • Sharing with project collaborators
  • To Do list to keep you on track with completing tasks


Tabbed navigation

Along the top of your dashboard, you will see 5 tabs:

  • Projects
  • Dashboard
  • Sources
  • Notecards
  • Paper

These tabs allow you to move easily between multiple projects and dashboards, your notes and sources, and your documents in your Google Drive associated with those projects. The notecard tab allows you to create digital notecards linked to sources that you can move around and organize with a sidebar outline giving you a bird’s eye view of your research. The outline will help you find areas that may need more research and areas that could be edited down.

While you could do all of these things with paper or in other formats, you will be much more organized and far less likely to accidently plagiarize by using all of the features within NoodleTools. Lack of organization and planning are generally what lead to panicked all nighters, end projects that miss the mark, and plagiarism.