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Garnet Valley HS Library Media Center: Maker Space

Welcome to the GVHS LMC!

What Can You Do In The GVLMC Maker Space?

Some of the things you can learn with in the maker area include...

  • A thermal binder and other book binding materials

  • A selection of Arduino kits

  • Recording microphones

  • A 360 degree camera

  • Beads, wire, and assorted cutting tools and pliers

  • Wires, small LED lights, copper tape, needles, and conductive and regular thread

  • And much more!

  • A Cricut machine -- cut vinyl, leather, paper, or balsa wood (you may have to purchase consumable materials if they are not on hand)

Maker Club Resources

How To Use A Breadboard

This comics-style workshop contains fun circuits you can build yourself, from easy to challenging. Each is shown as a circuit diagram and as easy-to-follow, full-color drawings. Build it as shown, and then experiment! The online workshop is designed for beginners and lasts about 8 hours.

Vinyl Cutting Tutorials on YouTube