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Garnet Valley HS Library Media Center: Current Events

Welcome to the GVHS LMC!

Keep in mind...

Nothing is free. While news sites will give you some access to items, there is a limit to number of items accessed for free, AND, more importantly, the majority of the solid journalistic content remains behind the paywall (subscription only access). 

Local News

These sites cover local and regional news. Click on the "Pennsylvania Newspapers" links for more news from cities around Pennsylvania.

Newspaper Map -- Newspapers from Around the World

International News

These links are from news agencies outside of the U.S. They will give you a different perspective about events in the U.S. from a foreign point of view.


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Sources Not to Trust -- Fake News

It is more important than ever that you evaluate the sources of news -- look for the author, publisher, authority and credentials, original source of facts, and bias. Pay attention to the url, read the "About" section (if there isn't one, that's a BIG flag), and look for quotes and to whom they are attributed. Some potential questionable news sources include:

Fake/Hoax News sites are supposedly satire sites designed to play on gullible people who do not check sources and will just pass the news on as if it were really true. 

Satire websites are sites that make fun of the news clearly fake stories meant to be funny. The most famous satire site is The Onion. 

Clickbait websites are sites that take bits of true stories but insinuate and make up other details to sew fear. Most of these are conspiratorial in nature are very unreliable. 

The links below are examples of some of these sites.