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We’re Wild About Sharks!!

Research Activity

 Directions:  Choose a shark from the list below to research for the purpose of writing a short informational report.  You may use a book from the classroom or one of the links provided in the "websites and databases" tab. 


Hammerhead shark

Whale shark

Great White                  

Nurse shark

Mako shark

Bull shark             

Tiger shark

Blue shark

Angel shark

Basking shark

Black tip reef shark

Blunt nose sixgill shark

Bonnet head shark

Broad nose sevengill shark

Dog fish shark

Galapagos shark

Goblin shark

Lemon shark

Porbeagle shark

Spined pygmy shark

Thresher shark



  1. Select your research topic using a website provided or a book from the classroom.
  2. Do the research and take notes in your writer’s notebook.
  3. Fill out your source citation worksheet.
  4. Write a rough draft of your informational report in your writer’s notebook.
  5. Revise and edit your work in preparation for the final draft.
  6. Write in ink (or print out and glue) your final copy of your paragraph on the provided index card.
  7. Use construction paper to make a shark.
  8. Glue your index card on the belly of your shark.
  9. Glue your source citation sheet on the back of your shark.
  10. Hang it up on the wall for Shark Week!



Don’t forget….. Informational writing should “Show Not Tell” and try to include………………………… 

  • Humor
  • Something the reader can connect/relate to
  • Figurative language
  • Descriptive language (make the reader be able to picture what you are saying)



Grading Rubric


_________ Construction of shark


_________ Creative title (does not include the name of the shark)


_________ Interesting hook


_________ 5 different facts included in a creative and interesting style


_________ Works cited worksheet is complete and accurate


_________ Following of directions

(shark cut out-writing on front and works cited on back)


_________ Writing conventions


__________________ Final Grade