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Real World Mysteries: Home


________ Typed (14 size font) and double-spaced


________ Correct MLA heading


________ Door opening Title (does NOT contain the specific name of the mystery)

Paragraph One


________ Transitional word used from chart


________ Introduce the mystery to the reader


________ Build up suspense

good thing/bad thing tech _______

Paragraph Two


________ New transitional word used from chart


________Background info about the mystery including 4 facts

fact 1______

fact 2______

fact 3 ______

fact 4 ______


Paragraph Three


________ New transitional word used from the chart


________Solving of the mystery OR current theories about the mystery


Paragraph Four


________ Concluding transitional word used from the chart


________ Conclusion or significance


Writing Techniques


____________Transitional words/ phrases (chart in journal)


____________Word choice with a focus on choosing words whose connotation is appropriate for tone of the piece. (see mini lesson notes)


____________ action verbs/active voice paint technique (see WN)

___________ Writing Conventions


___________ Works Cited


·      Finding the TItanic

·       The Hindenberg Disaster

·       Area 51

·       Roswell

·       How the dinosaurs died

·       The Nazca Line

·       Building the Pyramids

·       The Rosetta Stone/hieroglyphics

·       Discovery of King Tut

·       Theft of the Mona Lisa

·         The Lost Colony of Roanoke

·         The Salem Witch Trials

·         Who is Banky (art)

·         5300 year old mummy found in a Glacier 

·         Atlantis

·         Bermuda Triangle

·         Bigfoot

·         Loch Ness Monster

·         Pompeii

·         Yeti

·         Amelia Earhart

·         The Lindbergh Baby

·         Spontaneous Combustion/generation

·         Jimmy Hoffa

·         The Mary Celeste (Ship)

·         Easter Island 

·         What happened to Van Gogh's Ear

Subject Guide