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Poets: Home

Project Instructions

1. Choose one poet from the list to the right. 

2. Research this poet using the resources listed on this LibGuide.

3. Find information on your poet for:

  • Era/time period they lived in
  • Their typical writing style
  • Most famous pieces 
  • Date of their birth and death
  • Family information
  • Why they are so important to poetry and history

4. Create a Facebook page about your poet that displays the above information

Pick Your Poet

William Shakespeare            E. E. Cummings

Robert Frost                        W. B. Yeats

Emily Dickinson                  Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Edgar Allen Poe                  Seamus Heaney

Maya Angelou                    John Keats

Walt Whitman                    Ezra Pound

Shel Silverstein                   Walt Whitman

C.S. Lewis                         T.S. Eliot

Jane Austen                       Charolotte Brontë

Langston Hughes                Ralph Waldo Emerson

Oscar Wilde                       Gwendolyn Brooks

Sylvia Plath                        James Joyce

Mark Twain                       Elizabeth Bishop

Ernest Hemmingway           Henry David Thoreau