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Introspection Unit: Home

Find definitions, examples, and explore the differences between these different writing styles.

What is introspection?

Introspection is the act of examing one's own thoughts and feeings. This process of self-analyzing can include observation of the mind, soul, and personal actions.

When reading or writing diaries, journals, memoirs, and autobiographies a great amount of introspection is involved. 

Definitions and Differences

Diary - daily log of your routine, which includes specific details about the day's events and occurences 

Journal - can be spontaneous or topic-based but contains feelings, emotions, observations and personal reflection (introspection)

Memior - (French, meaning memory) a collection of memories written in first person that tells a story from a life such a turning points or major life events. 

Autobiography - a factual chronological account of a person's life, written by that person


Differences between a memoir and an autobiograph: An autobiography tells the story of a life, while a memoir tells a story from a life