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Fight and Flight: Home


Brainpop has videos for a lot of the topics for this project. Make sure to see if yours is there and to read the extra stuff after the video. Remember, if might not be exact. For example, if you are researching Sandra Day O'Connor, you won't find a video, but you'll find one on the Supreme Court instead. 

Lincoln FactCite


Click on "20th Century" and read about women's right to vote or the Great Depression. 

World Book Online

Search for your person or topic and see what comes up. Make sure to click on any images, maps or tables that might be available as well.

Grolier Online

Same idea as above, but note that once you click on a link here, there will also be a link to other websites "web links" click on that for more great information about your topic. 


Click on "biographies" to read about Amelia Earhart or on "U.S. Governmernment" to read about the Supreme Court.

Safari Montage

You can find videos and documents about almost anything in this database. First click on "Garnet Valley" in the drop down menu. Your username and password are the same as your computer login. Click on the "G" and "Garnet Valley Middle School. FInally, put in your search terms.