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Heart Disease and Cancer Web Quest


You have just received your first job as the Director of Wellness at Bank America.  After surveying employees, you have found that many are dealing with cancer or heart disease themselves or within their families.  Concerned for their well-being, you have decided to create a presentation for employees to access and learn more about each disease. When you discuss this idea with your boss, they give you the following parameters:



You have a choice of technology for the presentation. You must choose one of the following:

  1. Construct a Web site.
  2. Construct a Prezi
  3. Construct a PowerPoint presentation.


The focus of the presentation should be…


What can I do to reduce my risk of getting heart disease or cancer?


Your presentation must also include at least the following information:



  • What is cancer/heart disease
  • What causes the disease
  • Risk factors and how to reduce them- How age, sex, race or family history impacts the disease
  • What can you do to prevent heart disease/cancer
  • What are the different treatments- Be sure to explain them.
  • What are warning signs/ symptoms




Once the presentation is completed, it will be presented to employees on