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American Revolution Project

You and a partner will pick one aspect the American Revolution.  Your job is to gather information about that topic and present a lesson to the class with your partner.


Questions to make sure you answer.  Make sure to answer all the questions that apply to your person/event:

  1. When did he/she live? OR When did the event take place?

  2. Where did he/she live? OR Where did the event take place?

  3. What did he/she do?  OR What happened at the event? (Be specific: give a brief description of his/her life, address his/her failures and/or accomplishments, titles, jobs, etc.)

  4. Why is he/she/the event so important? (Give a summary of why your Patriot or event should be remembered.)


You can present your information however you choose (PowerPoint, skit/play, song/poem, something creative, etc.)

Your presentation should be 7-10 minutes.  No more than 10 minutes!!

Your lesson must include:

  1. Lesson (teach the students about your topic on the American Revolution, being sure to answer the content questions above.  *Hint: creating notes (or something for the class to do) is a good way to keep your audience’s attention

    2. Review (review the content you taught them→hint: review games are fun!)







When living/where lived

Not mentioned in presentation

Only addressed either when living or where living

Fully addressed when and where person was living

About their life (accomplishments/jobs)

Not mentioned in presentation

Barely mentioned accomplishments, jobs and titles

Mentioned some accomplishments, jobs and titles

Clearly presented many accomplishments, titles and jobs

Summary of why important

Not mentioned in presentation

Short summary with little detail

Some detail included in summary

Provided a good deal of detail in summary

Quality of presentation

Presentation lacked any creativity

Short presentation that lacked creativity

Good presentation with some creativity

Great presentation with lots of creativity and captured audience

Review of lesson

No review in presentation

Small review with little creativity

Some review with limited creativity

Creative class review at end of presentation


No teamwork was observed

Little teamwork utilized with many reminders to stay on task

Good teamwork utilized with little reminders to stay on task

Great teamwork utilized throughout all parts of project